Ways to Track Email Opens and Clicks in Gmail


When we send an email and need a quick response, we can feel a little anxious. We don’t know if the person who received our email has opened the message or has read it.

We can wait for a while and send a follow-up email, but that might seem like a bit much. We know the way to remove that uncertainty in an simple way, with email tracking in Gmail.

ways to track emails gmail

Email tracking is a monitoring method that allows us to know whether emails we send have been opened or if it has been read.

It lets us to know who read the message and who has ignored it. This will allow you to make a better and more informed business decisions.

It is possible to Track Emails sent from Gmail?

Right Inbox offers a new feature to monitor emails within Gmail. With this feature you’ll be able to monitor and track the following options:

  • When emails were opened.
  • At what time they were opened.
  • What device was used to open the email.
  • The location of the email have been opened and the connected IP address.
  • Any link clicked that is within the body of the email.

Methods to track Gmail email opens and clicks.

Using this feature is very simple, just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Click the icon at the bottom of the Gmail compose window to enable it.
  2. Select any of the options you want to enable, either track an email or open or click or all. You can do this through the option boxes that appear at the bottom of the screen.
  3. You can see real-time notifications at the bottom left of the compose screen.
  4. Enter the sent section in your Gmail account and keep the cursor on the verification icon to see how many times the email has been opened, also to check from where the email was opened and how many devices.

How can Email Tracking benefit you?

There’re many benefits to using Email Tracking, some of which include:

  • Reduces the need to send follow-up emails, because you already know if the message was read or not.
  • You can regulate the number of emails you send to contacts.
  • You can send in follow-up mail when you know that the recipient is ignoring your messages.
  • Lets you know if a user has seen your message several times. This lets you can know that the recipient is probably interested in replaying your email.

What is the information it tracks?

  • Emails opened and the times they were opened.
  • Access to links in the message body.
  • The time at which the message was opened.
  • What was the devide that was used to open the email.
  • The location from which the message was opened.
  • IP address of the recipient.

How to grow your business using Email tracking?

By using this tool you’ll be able to know the interests of your contacts. What devices do they use, what time are they online, from what part of the world do they use it, what is the information that gives you relevance.
These tips will help you maximize the benefits of email tracking.

  • Optimise your first email. You can track relevant information about your potential customers, so the message need to be short and interesting.
  • Prioritise your activity by knowing about the interests based on the commitment with your email.
  • Clean up your contact list. Knowing who is interested in your emails will help you prioritise those potential customers, eliminating those who never opened or clicked on your message.