How can I Export my Outlook contacts to Gmail?

how to export your outlook contacts to gmail

Email platforms have changed a lot since their beginnings. Programmers constantly update the platforms in order to provide their users the best experience. Outlook is one of the most used email platforms around the world, just like Gmail is. Perhaps, its main competition currently. Many of us choose to use one platform for work contacts … Read more

Undo Sending an Email (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail & Yahoo)

Revoking sent emails on all services

We all have sent a wrong email at some point. It may be that we haven’t included all the necessary info or we have sent it to the wrong person. This can happen for different reasons and we find them silly or even unprofessional. But don’t worry, this happen more than you think. Luckily for … Read more

Sending Recurring Emails in Gmail (Step-by-Step Guide)

recurring emails in gmail

It’s true that Gmail offers a lot of features that make it much easier to send email, clearly. But there’re still important benefits, for example sending recurring emails. Right Inbox is the platform that helps you with this activity very easily, saving you time and effort. Below, we will show you how to send regular … Read more

Ways to Track Email Opens and Clicks in Gmail

ways to track emails gmail

When we send an email and need a quick response, we can feel a little anxious. We don’t know if the person who received our email has opened the message or has read it. We can wait for a while and send a follow-up email, but that might seem like a bit much. We know … Read more

Sending a Reminder Email from Gmail: A Simple Guide

reminder emil from gmail

We receive a large numebers of emails daily. Some of them are very important and we cannot forget or ignore them. To this problem, Gmail provides you with a tool that will save you from forgetting to send or replay to an email: Email remainders in Gmail. According to some experts, annually we receive and … Read more

How to change Gmail Password? (PC and iOS / Android)

change gmail password

If you’re worried someone might know your password, or you forgot it or maybe you just want to change your Gmail password, here is a guide to do it. How to change your Gmail Password on your PC To change your password, follow these easy and quick few steps Open your Chrome browser and click … Read more

How to recover a Gmail account? (PC and Smartphone)

recover gmail account

It’s possible that in some cases we don’t remember your Gmail account or maybe we don’t remember the password. In order to access on Gmail account, we need a recovery method. Here you have everything you need to know to be able to revover your Gmail account o recover your password in an easy and … Read more

Guide to Closing All Open Sessions in Gmail

close all open sessions in gmail

As we know, Gmail account can be linked to different devices at the same time. We can sign up to websites and pages with the same account, which saves us a lot of time. To sign in on your Gmail account, you can follow the steps here. Having the account open on many devices at … Read more

How to Sign in to Gmail? (PC & Mobile Device)

How to log in to Gmail

Sign in Gmail. Logging into our Gmail account is not that complicated, although it is true that everything depends on the type of platform used. Such that it will not be the same to log in from a computer than from a mobile phone. It also serves to check our gmail account. CA It may … Read more