How can I Export my Outlook contacts to Gmail?

how to export your outlook contacts to gmail

Email platforms have changed a lot since their beginnings. Programmers constantly update the platforms in order to provide their users the best experience. Outlook is one of the most used email platforms around the world, just like Gmail is. Perhaps, its main competition currently. Many of us choose to use one platform for work contacts […]

How to Create and Add a Signature in Hotmail (Outlook)

create add signature hotmail outlook

The Microsoft email application has different features. One of them is to configure and add a signature in Hotmail (Outlook). This messaging platform has many resources that are of great help when it comes to communicating and sending important emails. There’re many versions of Outlook available: the web version, the app, and the Office Package version. […]

Undo Sending an Email (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail & Yahoo)

Revoking sent emails on all services

We all have sent a wrong email at some point. It may be that we haven’t included all the necessary info or we have sent it to the wrong person. This can happen for different reasons and we find them silly or even unprofessional. But don’t worry, this happen more than you think. Luckily for […]

Backing Up Hotmail Emails to Your PC / USB / Flash Drive

backing up hotmail emails

Currently, the most common way to communicate, receive card statements, information about work or even control our expenses through the use of email. These activities may be constantly under the danger of being hacked. Although it’s something that we wish never to happen, the theft of important information is something that everyone is exposed to […]