Create a New Gmail Account (Sign Up Google Account)

This is a well-explained guide to create Gmail account and Gmail sign up for your Google account. We will also cover the most important tools to know about Gmail and how to use them in this article.

Gmail is free online mailing service, necessary to use most of their services like Google Play, or YouTube. Gmail is the most popular e-mail service, for its accessibility and effectiveness.

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Steps to Create Gmail Account

  1. Go to Google accounts’ domain
  2. Enter your information
  3. Verify your account with your phone number
  4. Complete personal info

We will need a computer with a stable internet connection and a phone preferably your device.

Go to Google accounts’ domain

Enter Google’s official website for Gmail, and click here to be redirected to You will see the login service to the Google accounts, but if you don’t have one, so click on “Create account”:

create a gmail account

Choose the kind of account you want, a personal account, for underage people, or your company. There is not a great difference between any of these account types, the personal one is the most recommended.

Enter your information

After you click on create an account, you will see a page like this asking for basic personal data to create your account:

gmail account new

Enter your real name and last name and create your username or email address. The email address is important to sign in to your account and give it to others so they can send you an email.

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Note: Capital letters don’t matter in your email address; all that matters is that they are the same characters. However, Capital letters do matter in the password, so you have to remember them.

Finally, the password, which we recommend you write somewhere safe and remember very well.

Verify your account with your phone number to create Gmail account

Entering your phone number is important as a security measure, allowing you to recover your password if you ever forget it. It also helps to know that it is you who are taking important actions with your account.

verify number gmail account

Fill in the blank with your phone number and click next, you need the phone for the next step. After you click “next” you will receive a code, which you have to enter in the blank to verify your identity:

Verify gmail account 2

Enter the code and click on “Verify” to proceed, remember you can’t have too many accounts linked to the same number.

Complete personal info

Now, Google will ask for other important data, such as gender, date of birth, and recovery email address. The recovery email address is an optional step as an extra security measure, but gender and date of birth are necessary to fill.

Back up information gmail

Fill in the blanks and click on “Next” to proceed to the next to finish the process to create a Gmail account.


All that is left is to agree to the privacy policy and terms of Gmail and your account is ready to use. You will also see options to customize your account and preferences; you can skip this step for now.

Gmail Log In

Once your account is all set up, you need to learn how to sign in to your Gmail account from anywhere.

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Steps to Log In to Your Gmail Account

  1. Enter your username/email address
  2. Enter your password
  3. Verify your session (only if you are signing in for the first time on that device)

Enter your email address

Access the same website you used to create your account, click here to be redirected to But now you will sign in instead of creating another Gmail account.

sign in gmail account

Enter your username/email address on the blank and click on next to complete the first step.

Enter your password

Now, enter your password in the next blank that will appear, and click on next:

gmail account password

Verify your session

Whenever you try to access your Gmail account on other devices, you will need to verify. But don’t worry, as it only takes a minute, and you are already familiar with Google’s phone verification process.

Google will send you a notification to your phone giving you instructions to verify that it’s you. Most of the time is as easy as tapping on your phone “It is me” on the notification shown on your phone.


If you are on your PC, you can save the password and username on your browser. This way you can access your email instantly without entering any information. However, never save passwords or open your session if you are not using a personal device.

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