TikTok tries to combat misinformation about the Middle East conflict

war middle east

TikTok is significantly ramping up its efforts to combat misinformation related to the Israel Hamas war. The social media platform is taking steps to prevent the spread of hate messages. Two weeks into the Israel Hamas conflict, TikTok announced that it’s redoubling its efforts to counter the dissemination of fake news and the incitement of […]

X wants to introduce two new forms of premium subscription

suscription premium x

After acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk set out to find ways to generate revenue for the social media platform, as the change in ownership has impacted advertising income. The platform has undergone significant changes, with ads becoming increasingly prominent. However, Musk and his team aim to capitalize on the growing trend towards subscription services. X | […]

Instagram will allow you to turn photos into stickers

instagram reels

Instagram will allow you to turn photos into stickers for use in Reels and Stories, a recent announcement. As reported by Meta, the company behind Instagram, this feature will be available in an initial testing phase and is expected to be rolled out globally after completing the testing process. The function of creating custom stickers […]