How to Change an Password?

Despite the various layers of security present in today’s social networks, the password unquestionably remains the most crucial piece of information for accessing an account. That’s why it’s essential to have a secure password and update it regularly. Regarding, below, we will guide you through the steps to modify or update your password: How […]

Microsoft Teams Sign in

microsoft teams sign in login

Here we are going to show you how to do a Microsoft Teams sign in, so that you can you can call your, friends, family and co-workers. Follow the lead: How to Sign in on Microsoft teams? Go to Microsoft Teams homepage and click in one of the Sign in buttons. Keep in mind that you have […]

How to create users in Windows 10?

create users in windows 10

Windows is the most used operative system in the world, and the most intuitive of all of them. However, Windows has many secrets we don’t know, and some don’t know how to create accounts in Windows 10. That’s why today we will make a quick guide on how to create users in Windows 10 quickly. All […]

How to make purchases from Walmart USA while in any country

In this tutorial, I´ll teach you how to learn to shop at Walmart USA or CA, which will help you acquire products at the best prices from the North American multinational. In this case, we will make the purchase online and very simple, for that, we will need to complete a registration and some extra […]