Windows is the most used operative system in the world, and the most intuitive of all of them. However, Windows has many secrets we don’t know, and some don’t know how to create accounts in Windows 10.

That’s why today we will make a quick guide on how to create users in Windows 10 quickly. All you need to do is follow the simple steps we will show you on this article.

create users in windows 10

Create users in Windows 10

Take into account that it works on every version of Windows 10, it is practically the same:

Go to your Windows menu

Enter a Microsoft account for this user

Now, your Windows will ask you for the account of the other user, which is necessary to use Windows. You need to enter the email and the password of the account, or create a new one.

However, you can also click on this option “Add user without Microsoft account” that also works:

Add the information for that user

Now you will see a square asking you for a username and a password needed to access said user.


After that, you will see the new user has been added to your computer, and it is ready to use:

This is useful in case there is only one computer for many people in your house, and you want to be organized. This was the archives of one account won’t mix with the archives of other accounts.

It’s like having several computers, but actually just having one, dividing accounts. But take into account that only one account can be administrator, which means that other accounts won’t have admin permissions.

You can change that in the options, and you can also change the picture and information.