Here you have a quick guide on how to make a Zoom sign in to connect with your friends! You will learn how to sign in on Zoom visit the site zoom.us and following these simple steps:

login into zoom

How to Sign in Zoom

sign in to zoom

login zoom

Forgotten password?

If you forgot your password no problem, click on the blue button “forgot password?” The platform will guide you to reestablish your password.

What’s Zoom and what’s its function?

Zoom is an online platform that allows you to connect with people in a video-chat or conference with one or more participants. You can use it to arrange online meetingsmake calls, and record conferences so you, or any other guests, can watch it later.

Zoom’s service is free, offers unlimited calls and conferences to all of its users, they just need to sign up with their e-mail, and that’s it.

What’s Zoom useful for?

These are some of the features that turned Zoom into an essential tool for many companies: