Installing the MARKS App on PC: Guide (Windows & Mac)

marks app installing

If we look to the past we can realize that the world has changed, and it changed a lot. Humans have gone from riding in wagons to flying by plane, from cooking over a fire inside a cave to cooking on electric stoves, and have even managed to send humans into space. As you can […]

Download and Install Threads (An Instagram’s App)

download install threads instagram

Meta Plataform officially launched Threads, a new social media plataform that already has more than 100k sing-ups in less tan a week. Threads could expand the Meta empire of populars apps that shows a large number of celebrities, brand and another importants accounts. What is Threads? The Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp’s company has launched a […]

Delete Hotmail (Outlook) eMail account (easy tutorial)

delete hotmail email account

Outlook is one of the most used email platforms worldwide. If for some reason you want to delete your Hotmail (Outlook) account, we’ll tell you how to do so easily and quickly from your PC or smartphone by following this few steps. Previous considerations You have to keep in mind some considerations when close your […]

Create Likee Account (Short Video Community)

sign up likee account

Short edited videos have been the absolute internet sensation for quite some time now, where people like to see content and also upload their own for others to watch and enjoy. Likee is the app that allows users to upload and show short videos of their own creation, taking advantage of the amazing editing tool […]