We all have sent a wrong email at some point. It may be that we haven’t included all the necessary info or we have sent it to the wrong person.

This can happen for different reasons and we find them silly or even unprofessional. But don’t worry, this happen more than you think.

Revoking sent emails on all services

Luckily for you, there’re ways that you can use to avoid an embarrassing moment. Next, we’ll tell you everithing about how to cancel the sending of an email from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or Hotmail.

How to Unsed an Email

All the diferent email platforms have their own configuration to be able to unsend an email. Some platform allow it, while others haven’t yet been update to cancel shipments.

Thanks to the step-by-step guide that we’ll share with you, now you can unsend emails any time you want, and avoid a crisis.

undo sending an email

On Gmail

From the Gmail setting, you have the option to unsend an email. The time you have to cancel may vary depending on your account settings. Sometime, you’ll have to be very fast to be able to unsend the message. Follow these steps below in order to unsed an email.

  1. Once the email is sent, you’ll see a notification saying ”Message Sent”.
  2. The ”Undo” option will appear under the ”View Message”.
  3. Here, select ”Undo”. You’ll have a few seconds to change your decision.

To be able to have more time to sent an email, what you have to do is follow the following these steps:

  1. Go to the ”Settings” menu.
  2. Click on ”See all settings”.
  3. Go to the botton of the screen and click on ”Undo Send”.
  4. Here you’ll have the option to select the time you have to cancel sending an email. Choose the amount of time.
  5. Click on ”Save”.

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On Outlook

This option only works in Outlook for Windows, meaning you must use Outlook from the desktop app. So, in order to configure the ”unsend to email” option, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ”Sent Items” fold.
  2. Open the fold.
  3. Click on File and then select on ”Info”.
  4. Next, click on ”Message Resend and Recall”.
  5. Select on ”recall This Message” and then, choose on one of the two options
    -Delete unread copies of this message to recall the sent message.
    -Delete unread copies and replace with a new message to replace the sent message with a new one.
  6. Click on ”Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient check box”. Then, press ”OK”.

If you want to tweak the time to unsend or undo your email, then follow these step below.

  1. Go to ”Settings”.
  2. Select ”View all Outlook settings”.
  3. Click on ”Mail”.
  4. Choose ”Compose and replay”.
  5. At the ”Undo Send” select the time you want.
  6. Click on ”Save”.

Once you done with the set up, you’ll have the chance to unsend a message until the time you have selected (5 to 10 seconds).

On Yahoo

As we told you before, not all the emails platforms have the feature of being able to choose to unsend an email.

The best way to avoid any mistakes is to take the time to double check that the information in the message is correct.

Edit the email as many time as you consider necessary to avoid a misunderstanding.

On Hotmail

Another platform that also doesn’t have the feature to be able to send an email is Hotmail. There’s still no possibility of being able to cancel the sending of a message once it has been delivered.

As with Yahoo, the best option is to take the time to check that all the information is correct. Once everything is correct, you can send the email the right way.