Badoo is social network established in 2006, it allows users to connect and meet with people they don’t know in their near area or all over the world, the general interface of the page make the user interact with the people and their events, like parties, meetings or dates.

Badoo History (dating network)

badoo history

Although today it works more as a social network where you can find people, post photos, videos and statuses, in its beginning it was actually more like a “Dating network” where people could find a partner in his area with common interests and start a conversation that later would take to real date (A lot like the actual Tinder App or Facebook Dating) with the time it become in one of the leaders internet dating sites on Europe (It was founded in London), the boom came when America found Badoo, obviously a whole new market that big made the company one of the most popular dating sites in the world, with over 200 hundred million users registered and over 35 million active at month.

Its popularity brought more people and some really young users (Teenagers) that were not looking for a formal relationship but hanging online, talk about themselves, planning parties and other club or meeting events; so Badoo changed, now it remains a date website but also a big social network where you can find people to just talk or have fun, the events section allows you to find clubs, parties, etc.

Of course, there’s a lot on people on Badoo that use the social network side of the site. You can find photos, videos, music and more similar content uploaded by the same users. It can be synchronized with Facebook, Yahoo and other similar services to have the same address book in both sites, and be able to talk with your friends in Badoo.

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