We’ve been seeing the One Outlook version for some time now, but finally the new version is now available as a preview phase.

Microsoft has taker its time to launch the new app (more than two years) to make sure that this is the perfect version and that is has the best features for its users.

new outlook august

Launch of the new Outlook is scheduled for August

Those who are interested in replacing the current Windows apps for Email, Calendar and Contact management will be available in the final version within a few weeks.

Actually, the new Outlook has been available for some time for users who would like to try it out. To do this, it was only necessary to enable it from the Windows Mail application. When doing so, the application closed and after a few seconds it reopened with the new app. Some users think that the new Outlook is a very good version and that the developers have done a really good job.

There’re currently two alternatives to this application. Mail, Calendar, and the Contacts app with a preview of the new Outlook. But these aren’t Microsoft’s long-term plans, because the new Outlook will replace the current Windows applications that provide these functions. Also, all the of these new features are fully compatible with Gmail.

new outlook version

When will this happen? According to official testimonies, Microsoft will start migrating to the new Outlook within a few weeks, more specifically, in the month of August. But it will not be something that ends quickly, since this migration will not be finished until the end of 2024.

Here are some of the developers very own words:

“The Mail and Calendar apps for Windows are being replaced by the new Outlook for Windows […] At the end of 2024, we will end support for the Mail and Calendar apps for Windows. The new Outlook for Windows helps people be more productive and take control of their inbox. We’re excited about this change, which will give users great new productivity features like the Microsoft Loop, message reminders, as well as file and people suggestions when writting an email. The new Outlook also offers more ways to stay in control with drag-and-drop emails like tasks, work hours and location, pin and snooze messages, and more.”