As we know, Telegram is one of the best known messaging platforms around the world thanks to its speed and security.

Since 2015, the use of bots is one of the features that Telegram has, which allows the application to be even more functional for its users.

Here, we will tell you which are the best 10 bots to use in your Telegram chats, groups or channels.

telegram bots

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What is a Bot? How do I use it on Telegram?

A bot is a sofware program that allows to make the manual tasks in automatically way, instead of doing it yourself, simulating human behavior.

Telegram bots for groups are a very interesting feature that since 2015 can be used in the application. In this way, using the Telegram bot API, developers can certainly schedule different tasks for many uses.

In Telegram there’s a huge number of bots that can easily do any type of activity for you. For example, download music or movies, make stickers among countless other options.

That is why we will tell you what are the 10 best options in Telegram.

Top 10 Telegram Bots List

As we told you before, there are many bots of different categories: here are the best 10

#1 – OpenMember

If you have a group or a channel, this bot will be very useful for you. OpenMember allows you to define the membership payment in your Telegram groups or channels.

  1. The dashboard can define the payment time of the memberships on a daily, weekly, monthly or any other period of time you prefer.
  2. Customize the price based on the time periods.
  3. Invitations and payment reminders to subscribers.
  4. It’s unlimited. You can use it in all groups and channels.
  5. You can use it from the web dashboard.

#2 – InviteMember

If what you are looking for is help to start the membership payment in your group or channel, this bot will send invitation links with the different payment methods you want to include.

  1. Choose the payment method, including crypto.
  2. 10% free for every transaction.
  3. Two paid plans: Starter and Professional.
  4. 15 languages ​​option. So you can create a local and international paid Telegram business.

#3 – GameBot

If you want training to share with your Telegram friends, this bot may interest you.

  1. You can play with chats.
  2. There’re three different games: Math BattleCorsairsLumberJackBot

#4 – Skeddy

If you are a person who has a lot to do daily and you forget what those activities are and when you should do them, this bot is for you.

  1. Helps you to remind your daily activities.
  2. Organize your schedule.
  3. Send messages reminding you where you should be the next hour.

#5 – File To Bot

This bot allows you to store all your files in the cloud.

  1. Unlimited space to store files.
  2. Easy upload and store files.
  3. There is a unique link for each file so you can share or download it whenever you want.

#6 – Get Media Bot

With this bot you can search and download anything you need. You just have to enter the query you’re looking for from YouTube, X.com, Instagram and Facebook. You can ask for the following things:

  1. Download your favorite music.
  2. Download videos.
  3. Search movies.
  4. Song lyrics.
  5. Instagram Stories.
  6. Direct Media.

#7 – Feed Reader Bot

If you are subscribed to many blogs, websites or apps but can’t keep up with the updates and want to know about the latest posts, then this bot is for you.

  1. It subscribes for you to all the platforms you want.
  2. Read post updates and notify you through Telegram notifications.
  3. Find the best blogs and websites on different topics for you.

#8 – Sticker Download Bot

With this bot you can download the stickers that Telegram offers and use them on other platforms such as Instagram or WhatsApp. Despite the origen.

All you have to do is send the message you want to the bot, then it will give you the sticker in different formats like: PNG, JPEG, WEBP.

#9 – FB Video Download Bot

This bot is another of the best out there on Telegram. It allows you to download videos from Facebook very easily.

All you have to do is send the video to the bot, then it will do all the work for you. It will send it to you so you can download it.

#10 – Movie Tracker

Finally, if you want specific details about any movie, this bot will send you all the details.

  1. Enter the name of the movie. Done!

How to Find the Best Telegram Groups

There are countless groups on Telegram and here we will tell you how you can find specifically perfect one for you.

find best telegram group

#1 – By Google Search Engine

Google is the most famous and used search engine in the world since the beginning of time. Through this search engine you can look about the topics that interest you.

#2 – Expert Telegram Website

An easy and reliable way to find the best Telegram groups is through the websites dedicated to Telegram updates.

These sites will teach you everything you need to keep in mind when looking for the perfect group for you and show you the best ones out there.

#3 – Telegram Global Search Engine

The Telegram search engine is another of the best ways to find the groups for you. The only thing you have to do is enter the keywords.

Telegram Groups & Benefits

As we have previously told you, Telegram groups are one of the best features that the platform offers. You can have groups that are public, private, with many members, or with few members.

Also, you can join any group that you find interesting, taking into account your interests and topics. You can use them for:

  1. Asking questions.
  2. Can help you to gain news skills.
  3. Some groups offer job opportunities.