Since October 2022, Elon Musk is the owner of Twitter. Since then, the app has suffer some changes according to the tycoon’s vision. Users of this social network have experienced the changes that have been meda, such as the posibility to view tweets without having a Twitter account, or the numbers of tweets you can reed per day, being limited to 600.

But, the most important news about Twitter’s fate took place a few days ago, when the Tesla owner decided to end the dominance of Twitter as an application itfelf and rename it. With a new logo, appearance and name, Elon Musk welcomes ”X”.

If you want to create a X account, here are the step you need to follow.

create x.com x account twitter

How to Create a New X.COM Account

As the former Twitter owner said, now users will enter an ”X” account. Officially, when entering the page you can see the ”X” logo, although there’re still some things to modify.

If you want to have a new account in X.com, then follow the steps below to start using the app.

To start, you’ll need to download the app at the PlayStore in case you have a Android device, or from the AppStore in case you using an iOS device.

(The example in the images is from the PC)

Step 1: Tap on ”Create Account” (from PC / Mobile – Sign up with Apple or Gmail account)

In case you use the PC, you must first go to X.COM to proceed with the steps, and if you use the mobile version, follow along in the same way (very similar).

Tap on ”Create Account”. Note that by selecting to create an account, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the Cookie Use. If you want to read them, tap on the blue buttons .

create x account

Here, you’ll see the possibility to create an X account with your Gmail account or with your Apple account. If you want to create your X account using another email, phone number or username, you can enter it on the box belowthe email options. Then, tap on ”Next”.

sign up x.com x twitter account

Step 2: Accepts the Terms & Privacy Policy

X will ask you to agree with the Terms & Privacy Policy, and Cookie Use. You can read them by tapping on the blue button. Then, tap on ”Next”.

x account step 2

Step 3: Complete name, email, and date of birth

Now, the X app will ask you to enter some general personal information such as your name, a email account, bith date in order to create a new account and validate your data.

x sign up step 3

Step 4: Verify your account

Once you’re done with the previous step, you’ll have to enter a phone number. It’s because X’ll send you a code number to verify the account. Type the code and then tap on ”Next”.

verification code x.com account

Step 5: Type a Password

For the final step, type a password of your choise. Some tips to create the password are to have cappital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and signs.

x.com step 5 password


And that’s all you need to do in order to create a new X account. Enjoy it!

x.com new account created

X.com now redirects to Twitter.com

While the Twitter.com domain hasn’t disappeared yet, that’s Tesla owner Elon Musk’s wish.
When you type X.com in order to enter to the site, it automatically redirects you to Twitter.com.
As we told you previously, the domain is not yet ready to enter X.com. It’s certain that within a few days, as Elon said a few hours ago, when everything is ready there will no longer be any trace of Twitter on the platform.

via: social tutor pro