Short edited videos have been the absolute internet sensation for quite some time now, where people like to see content and also upload their own for others to watch and enjoy. Likee is the app that allows users to upload and show short videos of their own creation, taking advantage of the amazing editing tool the platform offers to be more creative. This is the way to

How to Create New Likee Account

sign up likee account

To start enjoying Likee, there is the need to create an account. To do it, download the app on your Android, as well as for iOS in case you have an iPhone or iPad. Once the application is downloaded on your device, tap on it to start running it and Likee will ask at that point to agree with the terms of service.

As you agree, tap on “Sign up” and start creating your account by introducing the requested information: email address, username, password, age, country and others. When all the information is included, tap on “Sign up” again at the end of the screen and the account will be created instantly.

Likee Sign Up

create likee account

With the new account created, opening session or login in is very easy. Run Likee on your device and on the home screen the app will ask to enter valid username or email address, along with password. Once the user is logged in, username and passphrase will not be required anymore, unless the user signs out and tries to obtain access again, or in case suspicious activity is detected.

While Likee does not count with a web version per se and everything is done through the app, users can take advantage of the platform using a web browser and the app, opening session and allowing to chat, post images and videos and also edit them at basic level.

To do it, being logged in tap on the Likee app, go to “Settings” and then select the “Web” button. Now, access the official Likee web page and scan the QR code. In this way you can have Likee on the web.

Likee APK

With the Likee APK, you will be able to enjoy the platform on any Android device, in case there is no possibility to download it from the official Google Play Store. To do it, access third-party markets like APKPure or web-based providers like Uptodown, find the Likee app and get it on your device, since Android allows to download applications externally.

Official Site likee.video