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Hotmail sign up new account. Many users of the Hotmail email service are asking the same question over and over again, what happened to Hotmail?

How can I log in to my Hotmail account? This question is presented above all by the fact that Hotmail has decided to join the new electronic mail service from Microsoft already known as Outlook.

How to Sign up Hotmail?

How to register in Hotmail? Sign up Hotmail

It turns out that the creators of Outlook are the same creators of the Hotmail service that have decided to renew the service by offering more attractive and appealing features and functionalities to the users with the intention that their number of users grows exponentially, which partly had some acceptance by part of the community, perhaps partly because many of the services they are providing in the company need a Microsoft account such as the new Office 365 service.

Create Hotmail Account – Advantages of having Hotmail

Although the new Microsoft service bears the name of Outlook, all users who have Hotmail accounts can also enjoy the same novel features that the company has launched.

Advantages of having Hotmail - Sign up Hotmail
  • You will have the services offered in the new Microsoft applications.
  • You will not lose the old contacts you had before the change of service.
  • You will still have access to all the applications in which you were registered with your Hotmail email and much more.
  • You will have storage space for unlimited emails.
  • You will have the assistance offered by the new technical support in case of problems.
  • Simplicity and fluency in the user interface.

It is undoubtedly a great advantage to have a Hotmail type email account, with it you will have unlimited access to multiple applications from the same company that sponsors it and it will even be used to create user accounts on different internet platforms as well as having your mail box protected thanks to the content filtering system.

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How to create an account in Hotmail?

Well, very simple, you just have to comply with the following steps and you can successfully create a Hotmail account without complications or mishaps.

How to create an account in Hotmail?

And that’s how easy it is to register an account in Hotmail from the Outlook page, with that account you can access a wide range of content dedicated to Microsoft users as well as other content from developers outside of it.

It is clear that create a new hotmail account does not take much time, the best of all is the fact of creating a free hotmail email account, you have to take into account that the creation of the service and its use of mail exclusively is not paid However, there are aggregate services that could generate additional expenses.

  • First we go to the Outlook page
  • Once inside we will ask you to enter the one we want to be our email address and on the right side we will have a drop-down menu with which we can select between Outlook and Hotmail.
  • Then he will ask us to choose a password and he will ask us if we agree to send us emails of promotions and news of the company that is to everyone’s liking.
  • Next we will be asked for our first and last name
  • Then ask for the date of birth in conjunction with the region in which we reside.
  • Finally we will be asked to complete a simple capchat.

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