Email is a source of the most tools that has come to us thanks to an Internet connection and a constant connection we have, facilitating communication with other people and, above all, the handling of information and numbers of all kinds. Do you want to learn how sign in to your Hotmail account?

how sign in to hotmail

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If you do not know how to log in to your Hotmail email through the current media, you have come to the right place to learn how to do it. Currently, as is already good, Hotmail is a service that is provided in conjunction with Microsoft’s new email service such as Outlook.

To be able to access your old Hotmail account, you just have to follow the steps that describe you and you are.

Hotmail Login – From a Computer

To sign in to Hotmail on a computer:

Sign in Hotmail

Hotmail Sign In- From a Mobile Device

If you have trouble signing in. It is also possible to synchronize the account directly through the configuration of your smartphone. It is a different process, but the use of the application allows you to unload your Hotmail profile quickly with just asking, without needing to modify the phone and to be able to touch where you should not.

Hotmail Email Login: How to sign in and log out of Hotmail

In very few cases, Microsoft’s email service has been affected by the inability to access many of its users through the use of its old Hotmail email system.

This is due to the fact that in order to log into my Hotmail email you must first log into an account to your old Hotmail account from the official page in order to make a source of synchronization with the new services and to have access to all of them. The new possibilities that Hotmail provides.

Like many users wondering how to log into the old hotmail email account, there are those who wonder how to sign in inbox hotmail to send messages, the truth is that when you log in to the hotmail email account, We will have already entered the Hotmail inbox.

Log out of Hotmail

To log out of Hotmail on a computer:

To log out of the Hotmail app on a mobile device:

What if he has forgotten the password?

Well then do not worry because there is an option to reset your password through a very simple and we explain here in summary steps.

By clicking on it you have forgotten the password.

You will be asked how to obtain the security code. If it is connected with a capped with asterisks, however, recent years. Check the option to send a message, write the last 4 numbers of the phone and click on Send code. Receive an SMS in the terminal with a password to enter here. Write it in the window that appears later. Hotmail sign in.

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Next, we have to establish a new password that has a minimum of 8 characters. We recommend combining uppercase and lowercase, as well as numbers, to maximize your security.

With this, you can now visit your Hotmail email whenever you want through PC. You can also activate the option to remember your user so you do not have to go through this procedure more times.