Telegran has established itself as one of the best messaging platforms of all time.

All the benefits that Telegram offers positions this application in one of the best in this time. You can send photos, videos, share links, movies and more. In addition you can create groups or channels with hundreds of members with whom to chat all the time.

scan telegram qr code

Another of the features that Telegram has is the use of the QR code. Here we will tell you how this new security feature works.

Telegram QR Code Uses

The Telegram QR Code is one of the most security features offered by Telegram. This feature has any uses and applications. It is fast, secure and easy to use. Let’s see how you can use it on the platform.

Log In by Telegram QR Scan

You can log in to Telegram using a QR code from any device, following these few steps:

  1. From your desktop computer log in into your Telegram Account
  2. Then, go to ”Quick Log In Using QR Code”
  3. Give Telegram permission to use your camera to scan.
  4. Scan the QR Code. Remember this code is unique and you can use it one time only.

QR Code for Telegram Group

You can offer members of your groups or specific channels services by scanning a QR code. Follow the next steps:

  1. Click on ”Invite to Group Via a Link”.
  2. Copy the invitation link and paste it into a QR code generator.
  3. Share the QR code to your group members to access private features and services.

Telegram QR Code Story

The use of QR code in Telegram began in 2018 when the Russian Federation blocked the use of Telegram.
Users had to share a proxy through the use of the QR code in order to access the Telegram application.

This feature was created in 2018 only for Android users, but in 2019 this feature can be used by all versions of Telegram.

The Telegram QR code is a form of security that the platform offers its users since this code can only be used once by each user.