We receive a large numebers of emails daily. Some of them are very important and we cannot forget or ignore them. To this problem, Gmail provides you with a tool that will save you from forgetting to send or replay to an email: Email remainders in Gmail.

reminder emil from gmail

According to some experts, annually we receive and send almost 300 billions emails worldwide. These emails can be related to work, studies, debts paiment and manu others reasons. If we cant keep our inbox tidy, it may collapse being hard to ignore. Many people spend half of the day at work reading, answering and sending emails.

How do email reminders in Gmail benefit you?

The Inbox Zero concept is the dream of almost any modern proffesional. It’s estimated that around 120 emails per day arrives on your inbox. This’ a matter of strict patience and dedication to have the inbox on zero. But, there’s also a problem with this cleaning technique: What happens with those emails that really are important and you need to keep?

The solution would be a method that tells you which email is important to keep and reminds you that you need to answer it. To avoid a mistake, automation is that solution.

What benefits does Gmail’s reminder functionality offer?

Right Inbox feature to Emails Reminder have as main objective is to keep you up of deadlines, delivery dates, but here are some of the most used options:

  1. Email Reminders allows you to set a reminder for a specific period of time in the future.
  2. It determine how, when and where archived messages should be returned to your inbox.
  3. Its remind you when somebody hasn’t repleid your email.

How to Set Up and Send Reminder Emails via Gmail

Lest’s see how you can set up your smatphone to remind you to send and responde emails:

Step One: Answer an email

First, you have to click on the option you want to do, either answer an email or create a new one. Then, write the message as usual.

Step Two: “Remind me” option

Once your message is ready and you don’t want to send it right at that moment you can set a reminder. To do so, you have to click on the ”Remind me” option. There will be appear some options, you can choose between 1 to 4 hours, the next morning, the next afternoon or set a certain time and day.


Besides to setting the specific day and time that you want Gmail featuring Right Inbox remind you about the email or emails you have scheduled. You can also set why and when to remind you. For example, if you sent a email and receive a response, you can configure it to not notify you of the reminder.

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