It’s true that Gmail offers a lot of features that make it much easier to send email, clearly. But there’re still important benefits, for example sending recurring emails.

Right Inbox is the platform that helps you with this activity very easily, saving you time and effort.
Below, we will show you how to send regular emails efficiently from Gmail.

recurring emails in gmail

Benefits of Sending Regular Emails

Sending recurring emails is something that not all users keep in mind, but if you have a business or your work requires sending the same email every day, it can be a waste of time that you can use it in other tasks.
So, if you need to optimize your work time, then you need the tool that Right Inbox provides. Recurring emails tool will save you from sending emails daily, weekly, monthly and even seasonally to your employees to keep track of your business this is what you need to do.

RightInbox chrome extension

How to Schedule Recurring Emails

If you need to save work time, setting up recurring emails will help you achieve it. Follow the next steps:

  1. Download Right Inbox Chrome extension.
  2. Open your Gmail account.
  3. Click Compose to start a new email.
  4. Click on Recurring.
  5. A window will appear on your screen asking you to set the time settings for your recurring emails.
  6. Select the frequency of your recurring emails. Choose between Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly options. You can choose the days of the week for clarity.
  7. Finally, select the time in which the emails will be sent. Click on ‘‘Schedule” once you are done.

Top Recurring Email Strategies for 2023

Here are the best strategies for the use of Recurring Email during 2023.

Choose the perfect timing

If you want to send emails and have the majority of recipients read it, then choose the time when most of your contacts are online to increase your chances.

Avoid Being Spam-Like

Take care not to send too many emails in a way that could be classified as spam. It’s important to know and mainntain consistent period of time between emails.

Save it for the Important Matter

Recurring emails should be saved for important work-related things. Reserving this tool for important things optimises your time and your relationship with your employees.