If you are looking for a easy way to join a Telegram Group, here are some ways that you can access it from your computer, iOS or Android device.

Telegram Messenger is one of the best messenger app currently, and even gives competition to Whatsapp.
Due to the various features that set it apart from WhatsApp, Telegram has managed to have a large number of followers who’re looking for a little bit of privacy.

join telegram group chat

Although many users use this app as the principal way to comunicate, not everyone knows how to join a Telegram group. So, here you have all the thing you need to know about it.

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How to Find and Join Public Telegram Group (Without a Link)

Groups will be designated by their member count, whereas channels will indicate their number of subscribers.

Tap the Search bar located at the top (1) and enter the name of a subject or area of interest. Including “Soocer Group” (2) in your search can assist in narrowing down your results to groups.

Tap on Show more (3) to display the complete list of accessible groups and channels.
Upon entering a group or channel, simply tap the Join button.

how to find telegram groups

Finally, click the Join button (4)

joining a public telegram groups

You should know that there’s no official Telegram Groups’ list. So, any bots or website list that contain links aren’t Telegram official and under any circumstances are they associated with the platform.

Here is the procedure of how you can search for Telegram groups and join them very easily.

Using an invite link (Private Group, that does not appear in the search)

If the group or channel you wish to join is set to private, it will not be visible in search results. Furthermore, there may be instances where a friend wants you to join their Telegram group. In such cases, you will need to utilize an invitation link.

Telegram invitation links start with the prefix ‘https://t.me/

By Searching the Internet

If you want to join into the best Telegram groups, then you can search them into the internet with some keywords such as: Best Telegram Gruop, Top Telegram Groups, Good telegram groups.

Your browser will show you some list that containt the Telegram groups names, for you to search them on the Telegram app.

Using Telegram Bots

You can search for some bot to use them. Use those Telegram bots to search for groups and join them if you want to.

Listing Sites

There’re listing sites all over the internet wich have created lists of the best Telegram groups you can join instantly.

These lists organize the different groups by categories. You can search for the gruop that contains what you looking. These groups offers you movies, PDFs, books, music, animation, videos and so much more.

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