Instagram will allow you to turn photos into stickers for use in Reels and Stories, a recent announcement. As reported by Meta, the company behind Instagram, this feature will be available in an initial testing phase and is expected to be rolled out globally after completing the testing process.

instagram reels

The function of creating custom stickers from images was introduced by Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram. In a shared image, it demonstrated how an image, in this case, a bulldog, can be transformed into a sticker.

Some details about this Instagram novelty include:

Furthermore, Mosseri mentioned that aside from creating stickers from photos stored on users’ devices, it will also be possible to do so with “eligible images you see on Instagram.”

This feature adds to stickers generated with AI based on messages, which Meta has recently begun testing.

Regarding the availability of this feature, Mosseri noted that it is in the testing phase and is not yet available to all users of the social network. Additional announcements about its general release are expected. Instagram continues to introduce new features to encourage engagement on the platform, such as the inclusion of polls in the comments section, extending interaction opportunities beyond Stories.