Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms. For this reason, hackers target thousands of accounts. Since it has a vast number of users, it also makes it attractive for phishing and other malicious attempts.

If your Instagram account has been hacked, there are several things you can do to recover the account. Below is a step-by-step guide if the account has not been permanently deleted.

Recover A Hacked Instagram Account

Option 1: Go to your email account and check for a message from Instagram

Instagram will send you an email from [email protected] to inform you that your email address was changed after the account was compromised. In this case, you can undo these changes when you select the Secure My Account part of that message.

However, if the password was changed, you might be unable to log you can follow the next step of requesting a login link or security code from Instagram.

Ask for a Login Link from Instagram

Instagram can confirm whether you own the account by requesting a login link to your phone number or email address. Follow the following steps to achieve this.

  1. Go to the Instagram Login Page and select Forgot Password.
  2. Fill in your username, email address or phone number linked to the account.
  3. Click ‘Next‘.
  4. However, if you lack access to a username, phone number or email address, fill in the most recent login information you had recently used and click on ‘Can’t reset your Password?‘ underneath the Next button and follow the prompts that appear.
  5. Confirm you are a real human by completing the Captcha.
  6. Choose either your phone number or email address and click on Next.
  7. You will receive a login link to your email address or a text message to your number.
  8. Click on the Link and follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Option 3: Ask for a security code or support from Instagram

If you fail to recover the account using the above methods, you can use your mobile device to ask for support from the Instagram team. To do so, please follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the Login Screen and select Cant Reset Your Password located below Send Login Link
  2. Choose your email address or phone number and select Send Security Code
  3. If the code is undelivered, click on I can’t access this email or phone number below the Send security code section.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions that appear

When following these steps, ensure you fill in a secure email address only you can access. The Instagram team will email you the next steps once you have sent this request.

Identity Verification

After submitting the above request, the Instagram team will request for identity verification if the account doesn’t have your photos. They will request that you submit the phone number or email address you used to sign up. They will also ask for the device type used to sign in.

However, if the account had your photos, they will request a selfie video asking you to turn your head in various directions for identity confirmation. Once you have shared this video, Instagram will send you an email to the secure email you provided. Note that the submitted email is deleted after 30 days.

If the verification fails, you can be asked to submit another video for review.

Secure Your Account

Once you’ve regained access to your account, take steps to secure it. It can include enabling two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring a verification code and your password.

In conclusion, recovering a hacked Instagram account can be a time-consuming process, but by following these steps, you’ll be able to regain access to your account and secure it from future attacks. Remember to report the hack as soon as possible, provide accurate information to Instagram, and take steps to secure your account once you’ve regained access.