When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is definitely the best reference and website where to buy all that is needed, with millions of products available and hundreds of categories. With Amazon, buyers can purchase articles in up to eight languages, shop in more than sixty currencies, chance to pay securely and more. To do this and more, there is the need to create Amazon account from scratch to sign in.

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In this way, users will be able to follow tracking status on purchased articles, introduce payment methods, manage billing addresses, delivery locations and so much more. Let´s learn how to create an Amazon account following a few steps.

Steps to Create a New Amazon Account to Start Shopping

By following the next steps, you will be able to create a personal Amazon account and start shopping and search for millions of products right of the bat. To do it, all you need is a computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet or other device compatible with an internet browser for accessing. To begin with, you need to get to the signing up page and this is how is done:

  1. Using the internet browser of choice, open a new tab or window so you can visit websites and access content. For security purposes, it is recommended using updated internet browsers.
  2. Once the window or tab is open, locate the URL bar and enter the next address: www.amazon.com, which is the official webpage of the platform.
  3. You should be on the Amazon´s homepage now. On the top of the screen, a little to the right you will find the “Hello, Sign In” option. Put the mouse cursor on it a new menu will appear.
  4. On this new menu, click on the option “New Customer? Start Here” as first one in such menu.

In this way, the signing up screen will be available for creating a new account. These are the remaining steps:

  1. Start filling the empty spaces with the requested information: name, email, password and re-entering of such password.
  2. When the information is fully entered, click or tap on “Create your Amazon Account”.
  3. At this point, Amazon will require to verify the entered email address, so a One-Time-Password or OTP will be sent as a message.
  4. So, after you have access to the sent email and get the OTP, enter it on the Amazon´s platform and click on “Create your own Amazon Account“.
  5. If the code is correct the process will finish and the account will be available to start using it.

Sign In Amazon Account

By following simple steps, you will be able to log in and manage your purchases and more, accessing from a mobile device or a computer through the internet browser of preference.

Logging in with your Amazon Account

These are steps to open session using your Amazon account and access to valuable information, such as shipping addresses and orders, billing information, subscriptions, gift cards, redeem codes and more:

  1. By using a computer, tablet or smartphone, generate a tab on the internet browser of choice so you can visit websites. Since Amazon is a platform where you manage payment methods and debit and credit card information, it is recommended to use always up-to-date software to avoid risks.
  2. Enter the address: “amazon.com” on the URL bar of the internet browser, which in some cases can be placed on the bottom but it is usually on top.
  3. The Amazon´s homepage should load by showing sponsored products, categories and other information. To start accessing, click on “Hello, Sign In” as an option that appears right next to the search bar on top of the layout.
  4. In the Sign In screen, Amazon will ask you to enter first your mobile phone number or email (Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft or others) address related to the account. Click or tap on “Continue” after.
  5. If the information is correct and the account actually exists, in the next page the platform will ask you to enter the password.
  6. If you are opening session for the first time or from a device and location that is unusual, there are chances that the platform will require verification of the identity by sending a One-Time-Password or OTM through email or SMS. If that is the case, enter the OTP to open session.

In case there are any issues at the moment of logging in, such as forgetting the password or unauthorized access, mobile phone or email related to the account, click or tap on “Forget Password” to solve problems related to this matter.

How Much Does a Amazon Account Cost?

An Amazon account is free to create. However, there are certain services that may require a paid subscription, such as Amazon Prime, which offers free two-day shipping, streaming of movies, TV shows and music, and other benefits, for a monthly or annual fee. Additionally, some sellers on Amazon may require a subscription to access certain products or services.