Despite the various layers of security present in today’s social networks, the password unquestionably remains the most crucial piece of information for accessing an account. That’s why it’s essential to have a secure password and update it regularly.

Regarding X.com, below, we will guide you through the steps to modify or update your password:

How to update the password for X.com?

Let’s go through the step by step process to change the password for X:

  1. Log in to your X.com account using your access credentials (username and password).
  2. Proceed to access the settings options by navigating to “Settings and support” ➜ “Settings and privacy” ➜ “Your account” and click on “Change your password
  3. The platform will ask you to enter your “Current password” and then your “New password” twice to ensure you’ve entered it correctly.
  4. To finish, confirm the changes by clicking on “Save

At this point, you´ll have successfully modified your password and can now access your X account with the updated login credentials

How to create a strong and secure password for X?

The strongest and most secure passwords typically share the same characteristics across different networks: they should have more than 14 characters, include a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and ideally be easy to remember.