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How to Access Hotmail? Apparently many Hotmail users were a little confused after the change that suffered the Microsoft email platform, it turns out that they decided some time ago to establish a service with better offers to its users in which you could perform multiple functions with a only account, what they did was greatly simplify the requirements that an average user needed to be able to use the functions of the different features offered by Microsoft.

How to access Hotmail?

For example, in the Office Outlook applications, a tool of the office package that the company has offers you the opportunity to manage multiple email accounts through which you can perform operations within a company so that your employees have a common account and can share your work and messages from yourself, trying to have a more centralized and controlled network, all this is much easier with the implementation of the new Outlook.

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Many rumors talk that it is due to the eternal competition that has against the Internet giant “Google” and users who are slowly migrating from their servers to Google, for nobody is a secret that the market for smart phones is being dominated by Android devices which necessarily need an email account of the company Google to be able to take full advantage of the terminals since it is the only way to be able to access the app store and download among many things applications, music, videos, books, etc.

This represents a real threat to the developers of the Hotmail service, forcing them to relaunch their service by making important changes such as integrating social networks at their service as well as linking or linking their Skype service to the renewed Microsoft email platform. Perhaps that is why they have made this astronomical change that for many users has resulted in a great improvement and a much more careful and ostentatious aesthetic appearance.

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How can I access my old Hotmail account?

The creators of the service have ensured that users who have a Hotmail account can continue to use the service without any inconvenience as they had been using it from the beginning, it will only be enough to enter the Outlook page and enter the data of your old account. Hotmail and your password, when doing this for the first time you will receive a welcome message to the new service and surely you will receive some emails informing you of the news in the service.

If you have not yet entered your Hotmail account, we encourage you to enter this link that will take you directly to log in with your Hotmail account from the official Outlook page, that is, you can only access your Microsoft account from the new one. Official page, in fact even if you have a Hotmail account you will still have the new user interface.