Sending Recurring Emails in Gmail (Step-by-Step Guide)

recurring emails in gmail

It’s true that Gmail offers a lot of features that make it much easier to send email, clearly. But there’re still important benefits, for example sending recurring emails. Right Inbox is the platform that helps you with this activity very easily, saving you time and effort. Below, we will show you how to send regular […]

Ways to Track Email Opens and Clicks in Gmail

ways to track emails gmail

When we send an email and need a quick response, we can feel a little anxious. We don’t know if the person who received our email has opened the message or has read it. We can wait for a while and send a follow-up email, but that might seem like a bit much. We know […]

Sending a Reminder Email from Gmail: A Simple Guide

reminder emil from gmail

We receive a large numebers of emails daily. Some of them are very important and we cannot forget or ignore them. To this problem, Gmail provides you with a tool that will save you from forgetting to send or replay to an email: Email remainders in Gmail. According to some experts, annually we receive and […]

The New Outlook, available in August 2023

new outlook august

We’ve been seeing the One Outlook version for some time now, but finally the new version is now available as a preview phase. Microsoft has taker its time to launch the new app (more than two years) to make sure that this is the perfect version and that is has the best features for its […]