Meta Plataform officially launched Threads, a new social media plataform that already has more than 100k sing-ups in less tan a week. Threads could expand the Meta empire of populars apps that shows a large number of celebrities, brand and another importants accounts.

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What is Threads?

The Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp’s company has launched a new app that looks a lot like Twitter but with some changes. Here users can post a 500 characters limit messages, have real-time conversations, post photos and videos with larges text-based posts. Yes, just like Twitter, but his new app is linked with Instagram.

The app blends Instagram’s aesthetic and navigation system. Also you can repost, share post directly to Instagram Stories, your profile can be public or private and have a verified account.

By being linked to Instagram, you’ll have the chance to follow your Instagram followers and vice versa. Also, you’ll see a number on your Instagram profile, wich is your Threads user number.

How to Download and Install Threads?

To use Threads it’s necessary to have an Instagram account. To do that, you can visit our stap-by-step tutorial for Instagram. Once you have your IG profile, follow the steps below to be able to use Threads.

  1. Go to the App Store or PlayStore browser and search ”Threads – An Instagram App”.
  2. Tap on ”Install” and you’re ready to sign up to the app.

How to Sign In Threads?

Once the app is installed, follow the next steps to create a new Threads account in a easy a quick way.

  1. When you first open Threads you’ll be redirected to sign in using your current Instagram account.
  2. Then, you can set up your Threads profile typing your name, pick a profile photo, write a bio and even import your profile data from your Instagram page to make thing easier.
  3. In the next step, you can choose whether you want your Threads profile to be public so anyone can see your profile, to do this tap on ”Public Profile” or private so only your followers can see your posts, to do that tap on ”Private Profile”. Keep in mind this setting is separate from your corrent Instagram account.
  4. Now Threads’ll suggest for you to follow the same account you already follow on Instagram.
  5. Tap on ”Join Threads” and now you’re ready to start using Threads.

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Can you leave from Threads?

Users that sign up through their Instagram accounts and choose to keep the usermane, password and account may have some problems to leave the app.

Users can temporarily desactivate the profile going to setting section on the app, but the privacy policy says that ”Your Threads profile can on only be deleted your Instagram account.”