WT Social is the a social network made by Wikipedia. It was announced nothing more and nothing less than by Jimmy Wales founder of Wikipedia under words that suggest that it will be a social network that It will promote education, it is far fetched to think about it since it comes from the founder of the largest library in the world.

WT Social Account create new

Wales in an interview in Cologne made the comment that Facebook is only promoting empty content, referring to all its content as non-constructive or productive for any of its users.

This social network is called WT:Social, which means Wiki Tribune Social intends to put aside the idea that social networks are only networks with waste content and that they can be of great benefit to their users.

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How to create a WT: Social account?

It is very easy to create an account in this new social network. Before its official launch it was thought that it would work together with the account of its network on Wikipedia but they are 2 totally different accounts that do not connect at all at the moment.

You just have to enter the page of the new website by clicking here, once inside we should only go to the bottom of all the text with a green background, fill in the fields where you request, username, email, password and date of birth.

With providing these simple data it will be enough to have a user account in the WT Social of Wikipedia, very easy and simple.

Where can I create a WT:Social account?

It is a platform that works on the web, thanks to this it could be said that it is a cross-platform social network supported by many users who feed information to the web every time they log in.

You can enter from a mobile phone as you could also do it from a computer or a smart TV, from any electronic device with internet connection you could access its official website and create an account.

Where can I create a WT: Social account?

In this era of technology almost any technological device has internet and is one of the advantages that Wales wants to take advantage of so that its new Social Network reaches everywhere, keeping everyone informed.

What are the steps to Create an Account in WT Social?

There are very few and simple steps, just open the preferred browser.

Place the name of WT Social in the search engine, enter the web and fill in the empty fields with your personal data that will not take long.

There is no way to make a mistake, even unlike other social networks, by providing the data entered you will not be asked immediately to check your email confirming the registration, but it will take you to the main page of the website.

What can we do in WT Social?

This social network is completely different from the social networks that we know but has an aspect or intention similar to what we know as Reddit, a social network that is based on the relevant and productive information of varied topics that are of common interest.

We can join and keep track to be aware of everything that happens about it, it is very easy, on the main page several threads are watered with a join button.

Pressing join on any topic will open the thread and give you access to all the content that users have uploaded to it, all content is editable and easily accessible to any user.