Privacy is a matter that is becoming more and more important as time goes by and the world gets hyper-connected and with billions of people using smartphones, computers and software that collect their generated information and in some cases, even personal data. This is even more severe regarding messaging apps and therefore create a Signal account is the best idea to have right now.

Create Signal Account

But, what is Signal exactly and how is it that is different from other messaging apps? Let´s answer this question and follow the process on how to create a Signal account in out mobile phone to start enjoying an open-source, non-intrusive, secure and private messaging app with all expected functions.

What is Signal Used For?

In details, Signal is an open-source, totally encrypted and cross-platform messaging app that allows the user to send messages and voice notes, share multimedia files and documents and more, as well as making video calls, all of this with an approach that is focused on privacy and protection of the users´ data and personal information.

This is done through an end-to-end encryption on every conversation that makes almost impossible for the proper app developers and third parties to spy the messages and personal information contained on them. For example, this has been a concern for WhatsApp users for example, who are worried that their personal data is crossed with Facebook for marketing purposes.

How to Create a Signal Sccount?

To create Signal account is very easy. Follow these easy steps for you to have Signal Up and running on your smartphone in minutes:

  1. Download and install the Signal app on your smartphone. If you are using Android, get the application from the Google Play Store. If you are using an iOS or iPadOS device, download the platform from the App Store.
  2. Run the app on your device and give it permission to access Phone and Contacts.
  3. Enter your mobile phone number and in seconds an SMS with a verification code will be received. Submit the code on the SMS and the account will be created.
  4. At this point, Signal will ask you to complete your profile by adding an image and by entering name and last name.
  5. The next step is very important: create security PIN save your encrypted account and block any attempt of registration related to the entered phone number.
  6. Reconfirm the PIN and the account will be created and ready to go on your smartphone.

Sign In Signal Account

Messaging apps for mobile devices and specifically WhatsApp have been facing issues respecting their terms of use and how they manage privacy, making the alarm going off for millions of users who want their personal information and generated data private and not shared with third-parties.

Sign in Signal account is a better choice when it comes to messaging applications with secure and private functions and approach.

Signal is an app like no other in the segment of messaging platforms, so let’s address their concept and characteristics that make it so different and a better choice than WhatsApp.

How to Sign in on Signal to have an Account

These are the steps to Sign in on Signal and start enjoying a private and secure instant messaging app:

  1. Get the app downloaded and installed on your smartphone. It is available in the App Store for iPhone/iPad users and in the Google Play Store for Android users.
  2. Launch the app on your device and enter your mobile phone number, after granting permissions to access Contacts and Phone apps.
  3. A SMS will be received with a verification code on it. Enter the code and tap on “Register”. In some cases, the phone takes the received code on the SMS automatically.
  4. The signing in process on Signal is almost complete.
  5. Complete the registration by adding a name, last name (optional) and profile photo for your contacts to know you are onboard.

Learning More About Signal: Approach and Features

In details, Signal is a point-to-point, encrypted, open-source, cross-platform and free messaging application for mobile devices with functions to send messages and make calls and video calls, including text and voice, video, photos and files in the one-to-one or also group conversations.

Among the features, with Signal users can create groups of up to 150 people and enjoy an easy to use interface, send large files high quality photos and video, stickers, make video calls with good quality and more. Everything you would expect from a mobile messaging application is included in Signal and more.

However, where the app differs completely from its competitors is in its focus and approach, which is oriented to privacy and security with powerful tools to keep information safe and encrypted, and ethics based on the importance of confidentiality and non-collection of user data for marketing and other purposes. This means that messages and conversations will never be read by third-parties and even Signal.