How Create new Viber Account for free? First of all it is important to know what the Viber network is in order to understand its operation, and that is that Viber is an instant messaging platform from which you can perform multiple actions without the need to leave it.

Create new Viber Account

At the date of one of the platforms that provide the most complete communication service and that is directly competing with applications that offer similar services such as Telegram and the famous WhatsApp that is still at the top despite everything.

Something is clear and that Viber offers services that no competing app has, but that due to lack of adaptation or acceptance by users has not been able to become the number 1 in its category.

How can I download Viber?

The first step would be to download the Viber application from the official store of your mobile device for it if you use the Android operating system you can click here, otherwise if your operating system is Apple’s you can click here.

Each of these links corresponds to the official Google store first and Apple second, so when you click on one of the links you will be automatically redirected to one of the stores.

Create Viber Account

In this way we can guarantee that you will download the application quickly, safely and easily for your device, the download is done automatically as well as the installation, so you will not have to worry about any of these steps.

How can I register with Viber?

If you do not have the application in the previous step we leave you 2 download options so you can get the version that corresponds to you according to the operating system that you are using on your mobile device.

If you already have the application, the next step is to open it, in this case we will find the welcome screen of Viber where we present the privacy policies and terms of use, below is the continue button in which we will make a click.

On the next screen they will ask us for a telephone number that we will use to associate our Viber account, we will place the telephone number, press next and then the platform will send a confirmation code that we must place in order to continue.

If we are using the mobile device from which we have the sim card entered the code will be automatically detected, if we have the sim card in a different mobile device we must place the code manually and in this way we can create a Viber account quickly and easily.

How to recover the backup of my Viber account?

Viber offers the opportunity to make a backup or backup of the information you have stored with your account number, that backup is possible to recover it by logging in to a mobile device where you are going to use the same phone number you had previously.

Backups are saved in the name of the phone number used at that time otherwise nobody else could have access to that backup, it is the only way Viber offers you to keep your information secure.

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To restore the backup you just have to press the upper right button from the main Viber screen and look for the option to restore backup and in a short time you will have all your conversations and contacts back.

Viber main functions

Viber was the pioneer of instant messaging to incorporate the option that allows you to delete messages received and sent permanently in case you sent a message in error or simply regret sending the message.

It also offers Stickers of a size larger than those offered by its competition, has private chats and even gives you the possibility to make calls and video calls just like many other current applications.

Viber is a platform that brings together several powerful tools within a simple messaging application, such as the possibility of sending the location where we find two touches or the wonderful function of sending money through Western Union in countries that have this function available.

How can I hide a conversation in Viber?

Privacy is very important and Viber knows that they have included an option that allows you to hide, hide or disappear a conversation so that only you know that it exists, this offers a much broader privacy for each user and is very easy to do.

To perform this operation it is important to have activated the security function that consists of a pin formed by 4 digits, in this way it only remains to go to the conversation we want to hide and without opening it we press and hold it and select the option to hide chat.

To see the conversations that we have hidden we just have to go to the options on the main screen and select the option of hidden chats, when pressing it we are asked it will quote the 4-digit pin, we will introduce it and it will show us all the chats that we have hidden.