Create Skype Account (Mobile Device & PC)


Create New Skype account. Skype is a platform in charge of offering communication via streaming between two users of the same platform and even hold conversations of up to 2 people at a time.

Create a new Skype account

It is widely used in conferences within a company or simply for formal business people who want to converse with different clients through this reliable and secure platform.

Here you will learn how to create a Skype account from a computer, since it is possible to create a Skype account in many other ways. Even if you have an Outlook account you just have to go to Skype and enter it, since it is practically a compatible account.

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How to Create a Skype Account on PC?

To begin we must go to the official site of Skype, which you can do by clicking here, once inside the page we will only have to go to the section of the top menu in which comes the option to register.

Inside you can associate a phone number or an email in case you do not have or want to temporarily associate the phone number. Then below you can create a password for the user with which you can enter later.

Next you will be asked for personal information such as the name and surname, the country from which you intend to connect, although by default the Skype platform detects your area, in addition you will be asked for the date of your birth, immediately afterwards you will be sent a Verification code according to the entry method you have chosen, if it is a phone number, a text message will be sent with the verification text, but if it was the email then an email with the verification code will be sent to you.

After verifying your account, you will be ready to make use of all the benefits offered by one of the best video calling platforms worldwide. Today there are many other alternatives but Skype is still one of the winners for security and the simple and useful interface that it offers.

How to Create an Account from a Mobile Device?

  1. To create an account you must practically follow the same steps, go to the store of your operating system, use the search engine and download the Skype application, once downloaded just open it and proceed to follow the steps below.
  2. We go to the section to register, where we enter in principle our email or our phone number and a password to log in, then we go to the next where they ask for our personal information.
  3. In this case it will be the first and last name, the date of birth and the region from which we are entering, after giving the next one we will send a verification code to one of the methods we have chosen between the email and the phone number.
  4. After checking we can make free use of the application and its functions, as it is visible is not at all complicated to create a Skype account and although you can also create an account from the mobile device browser is always more advisable to be done from An official App if it is a mobile to avoid possible inconveniences.

Configurations within the Skype Account

It is well known that Skype offers the possibility of making calls to other users that have a user within Skype but it is also possible to make calls to users who do not have a Skype account directly to their phone number, however this has to configure later after having opened the account.

Configurations within the Skype account

In this case, a telephone number must be used, which is totally possible, although initially only the email option has been chosen.

Add a phone number to Skype

This process is completely simple, just go to settings and then click on the option to add a mobile phone, then proceed to enter a phone number that belongs to the country from which we created the account.


After entering the number we will receive a message from the Skype team with the verification code that you will have to add in the field that will appear on the screen, in this way you will have a phone number from which you can make calls to other users paying plus a small additional fee for each call you make to any other user using the phone call option.