Google Classroom is an online educational platform that allows teachers and students to take advantage of an ecosystem of applications and tools that improve organization, grading, communication and management of assignments.

Create Google Classroom Account

Sharing files, as well as taking and giving classes, homework assignment and organizing the whole teaching-learning process is done through the cohesive network of services that include Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Sheets and Presentations, along with other apps in one place.

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Now, to be able to use Google Classroom as intended teachers and students need to have a proper account and log in. Fortunately, the process on how to create a new Google Classroom account is not difficult and is the same respecting signing up in a traditional Google account.

To start, access the official Google Classroom website and click on “Go to Classroom”. Like this, the platform will ask for credentials: an email or phone number and a password to access, although we are creating a new account, so click on “Create account”.

Begin filling in the information requested in the registration: name and last name, username, password. Filling in gender, birthdate and phone number information is optional.

Click on “Next” and then on “I agree” respecting the Terms of Use and the account will be successfully created. If the steps were followed correctly, in seconds you will be on the Google Classroom home screen to start using it.

How to Create a Class in Google Classroom

With the account created and logged in to Google Classroom, we can start taking advantage of the platform in any of its purposes and possibilities. The first natural thing to do is creating or join a class and this is how is done.

First, every time you access Google Classroom the home screen corresponds to the Classes tab. On this tab, there is a button with a “+” icon and by clicking we will have the chance to create a new class from scratch, or join another class as a students that is being given at that time. For the purpose of creating a class, click on “Create Class”.

The platform will ask you to enter the class´s details: name, section, subject and room and when the information is entered, click on “Create” to finish the process.

The class should be created and underneath the class´s name you will be able to see its related code. With this code, students can access and join your class and start interact directly. Main tabs on the top: Stream, Classwork, People and Grades are useful to communicate, work assigning and check student lists and grades.

Google Classroom Background Decoration

In Google Classroom is possible to change the background decoration of every class and customize it depending on the given subject. To do it, enter the class and on the bottom right corner find the button “Select Theme”.

A new window will appear showing themes divided in categories depending on the subject of the class, such as English or History, Math, Sports, Arts and others. Select the theme of your preference and then click on “Select Class Theme” and automatically will be applied. It is also possible to upload and apply photos for a more personalized experience.

Download Google Classroom

Google Classroom is not only a web-based platform, but also one that can be downloaded in the form of app. In details, there are proper Google Classroom applications for Android and IOS as mobile operating systems, so students and teachers can have their classes on their pockets and stay communicated.

Also, Google Classroom is available as a download for Chrome OS as the operating system that runs on the Chromebooks.