Binance is largest cryptomarket exchange globally at present time, surpassing the 1.3 billion dollars in trading operations. This platform allows users to purchase and sell over 100 different digital assets of distinct characteristics by providing a functional cryptowallet, market rating and other valuable tools.

Sign Up for a New Binance Account

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Nonetheless, many people tend to confuse Binance as a market in which cryptocurrencies are purchased and sold by the platform itself. In fact, the exchange of the digital assets is between users and Binance only provides the technology and resources for operations to be carried out, charging a low commission and also functioning as a rating board in which current prices of the different assets can be checked.

There are millions of users trading cryptocurrencies thanks to Binance from countries in the five continents, with operations that are finished rapidly and commissions that are worthy of being paid with the kind of service that is provided.

In order to use Binance properly and take advantage of all of these features previously mentioned, there is the need to be logged in with a valid account. Fortunately, this is a very easy process and can be done from any country around the world. Let´s see how these steps are.

How to Register in Binance Exchange

To start trading in Binance, the first and mandatory step is to register or sign up to create an account, since without it users will not be able to operate. Through the account, registration of the operations, charts and graphics, commissions and other important information can be check, along with available balance and crypto assets to operate with and those that have been received or traded.

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  1. To begin with the registration process, visit the Binance official webpage: “www.binance.com” and on the home screen, find the “Register” button and click it.
  2. In case you already have an account, to open session skip this step and click directly on “Log In” to access with proper email or phone number and password.
  3. By clicking on “Register”, Binance will let you create a new account for free. You can choose to register by entering an email address and a password, or by selecting the Mobile tab on the screen and in this way the account will be based on a mobile phone number and appropriate passphrase. Whether the option you choose, enter the email or phone number and password and then click on “Create Account”.
  4. If you choose the email option, a verification link will be sent to create the account. So, visit your inbox and click on such link to finish the process. If you choose to create the account using a mobile phone number, a verification code will be sent via SMS. Enter the code and the account will be created.
  5. The last step is to actually open session or log in with the new credentials. Click on “Log In” on the top of the screen and enter corresponding credentials to start trading with cryptocurrencies with low commissions.

Binance Coin BNB

As the majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance also has its own coin that is known as BNB. In details, BNB was released in 2017 at the same time Binance did as an exchange only focused on digital assets, and the coin is based on the Ethereum network and blockchain.

BNB is a coin with a limited offer of 200 million and that is it. However, it is planned to be reduced to 100 million to increase its value and stability in the market. In the first year, traders have a discount of 50% of the commission if they decide to pay it in BNB, being a great incentive.