Kahoot allows you to apply tests, quizzes and games to learn a specific topic that you can set up. You can also use previously created quizzes or tests by other teachers, and see if they are fit to what you want.

These games combine a fun experience with learning, making learning more practical, and interactive for the student. Host your Kahoot tests and share a link for your students to participate and solve the quiz.

create kahoot account

After that, you, as a teacher, can see the results of your Kahoot, overall score, and the questions that were wrong. Excellent to evaluate your students’ performance and measure effort of each.

Any teacher or student these days need to know how to create a new Kahoot account. Kahoot is probably the best platform for e-learning in the world right now, as it is easy to use and revolutionary.

Create new Kahoot Account (Sign Up)

It implements new learning practical and simple learning strategies to ease the process. Its popularity went up incredibly due to the pandemic, and it is a cutting-edge tool for learning.

Today you will learn how to register a new Kahoot account so you have access to all of its features.

Enter the Kahoot homepage

Click this link to go to Kahoot homepage directly, and then click on the “Sign up” button on top-right.

sign up kahoot

Choose your account type

All the types of accounts have practically the same functionalities, and you should simply be straight in your choice.  What this will do is, show you different content and kahoot’s games depending on your interests.

kahoot choose account type

For this example, we will choose a personal account, but the process will be practically equal for all decisions. After that, you will have to describe your workplace, again, to have a better experience with kahoot.

play kahoot

Enter your date of birth

And clic “Continue”.

Create a Username

create kahoot username

Type your email and password

Now, you will have to type in the email direction you want to register, and the password for your Kahoot account. It doesn’t have to be the same password that you have in your email, just create a new one.

Once the information is complete, just click on the green button that reads “Sign up”.

create account on kahoot

You can also sign in with an existing Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Clever account if you wish. In that case, you just need to type in the information belonging to those accounts. Although, doing it the way that we show in this guide with an email is a lot easier.

Buy a plan or continue for free

Now, Kahoot will offer you their premium plans so you have access to even more excellent features. If you prefer to buy, you can do it right now, or you can skip the process and buy later.

To skip this part, you just need to scroll down the page and look for an option like this:

Click on “Continue for free” and you will be redirected to the next page, and that would be the end of the process.

continue for free

How to Make a Kahoot! Game?

Clic on “Create button” at the top right of the screen.

make a kahoot game

Select a quiz type (1) – Add questions (2) – Quiz type and timer (3)

start play a new kahoot game

Let’s have fun!

When you have created all the questions in your Kahoot! game, that’s it Clic on the Done button at the top left and give a title and description to your project.

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Can you Create a Kahoot Without an Account?

No, in order to create a Kahoot game, you must have a Kahoot account. To create a Kahoot game, you must sign up for an account, which is free and can be done on the Kahoot website. Once you have an account, you can log in and use the Kahoot game builder to create your own quizzes and surveys.