Create Facebook Dating Account


How Create Facebook Dating Account? Virtual dating has been widely accepted in society worldwide, organizing a meeting or some activity with an unknown person but of common interest has been one of the actions that many people around the world have begun to implement to meet or find love of his life once and for all.

sign up facebook dating account

Facebook is the largest social network for a long time, it is a social network from which people from different locations have been meeting, chatting and becoming good friends, there are even stories of people who have managed to form a romantic relationship through From Facebook.

Unfortunately, the Facebook platform is not intended to achieve that goal but to connect people already known and facilitate communication, without the explicit intention of forming a relationship.

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a new platform from which people who have a Facebook account can use it, it is an online dating platform similar to Tinder, but with the confidence of the security offered by Facebook.

How to Download Facebook Dating?

The first thing is to keep in mind that Facebook Dating only works through the Facebook mobile application so you will have to have a mobile device. Second, know that Facebook Dating is not an application or organization separate from Facebook.

In order to make use of the Facebook dating tool it will be necessary to download the original APP. We can download the mobile application by clicking here (if you do not have a mobile device and want to use it from your computer click here).

FB Dating account

How to Create a Facebook Dating Account?

Once we have the Facebook APP, we will have to go to options and press on the option of couples.

In this case, Facebook assures us that our personal profile will not be shared at any time with the Facebook Dating platform and that we need to add our data to the public Facebook Dating profile.

Facebook will tell us about the different things we can find on Facebook Dating, for example: locate people with common interests, find a partner in your events or groups and choose who you want to start a conversation with.

Then I would indicate what gender you identify with. You will have the option to choose between if you are a man, a woman or you could click on the option “More options” where you can indicate with which gender in particular you feel identified.

Once you have selected the gender that represents you, now continue to choose the gender in which you are interested, in the same way in which you are presented with several options you can choose between men, women and more options.

Once these steps are finished, it will only take to make our location known that we can easily change from preferences and place a profile picture to share on the dating platform, it will only take time to get to know the people around us.

What do I do if I don’t have the option of Facebook Dating or couples?

If you do not find the option of couples it is because you probably have an old version of Facebook, you must update it. But if you have the most recent version and you still don’t see this option, it is because this tool is not available in your region.

Facebook Dating is a platform that is starting and that in a short time it is possible that it will be launched to more countries but for now it is only necessary to be patient to be launched in countries that do not yet have this tool.

Mark Zuckerberg, president of Facebook, announced that he is working very hard together with his team of experts to be able to have the couples tool available in all parts of the world, but that it is not simple so it could take some time not predetermined.