YouTube is the most popular videos site in the world, property of Google; you can find all kind of videos in YouTube. Series, movies, songs, music videos, tutorials, short films, funny things and people doing whatever you can imagine.

create account youtube

Create account YouTube

If you want to be part of YouTube you need to create a Gmail account, you can follow our tutorial! Create Gmail account anyway, all you need to do is:

How to Sign Up on Youtube

Now you can start using YouTube at 100%, an account is necessary for saving lists, like (Or dislike) your favorite videos, write comments and subscribe channels. Of course, the most important thing is that now you can upload your own videos to YouTube, your channel will create automatically when signing in for the first time. You can edit your profile picture and the theme channel.

upload youtube

Uploading a video to YouTube is really easy, all you need is a video, in YouTube go to upload, select the file, write a title and start uploading, easy as that. You can also upload from your phone following the same steps, some phone include a “Direct from camera” upload, in your phone open the camera and in “Options” you may see something like “Upload directly to YouTube” you’ll have to sign in with your email and password and then you can start uploading videos.

How to Login to YouTube

To log in to YouTube, follow these four simple steps: