Create New Snapchat Account Tutorial (and sign in)

Tutorial: Create Snapchat Account: Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps (Also it works as a little social network as well) from the last couple of years available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone (Beta) it allows you to send messages and photos that will disappear after some seconds or after being seen once.

How to Create Account Snapchat?

create new snapchat account

It has became incredibly popular between the teens and young people, especially for “Sexting” and because in some say it’s more private and secure, the fact that you can send a photo to somebody and add a little clock that will auto destroy it after a maximum of 10 seconds is a really attractive service. Only can be used from a smart phone, for joining Snapchat just follow these steps.

Download the app from your store phone and install it, open and you will see two options, sign in and sign up, touch sign in and you’ll see a little registration page with very simple fields to fill, your name, your username, your password and your email or phone number.

After doing this you’re part of snapchat, sign in and you’ll be redirected to the “Home” that will show your camera, when swiping the left you will see a list of all the conversations with your contacts, but they will be empty, because all the messages in snapchat will erase once they’re red, and images will erase after 10 seconds or less.

Snapchat Sign up with Email

  • Go to Google play store to download snapchat app
  • install the app an launch to begin
  • Enter a name of your choice, particularly a username
    • Please observe: You cannot edit any username or name which you used in creating an account. So, think carefully before you decide on using any name. Plus that, note also that whatsoever name you used will be displayed on your profile and anyone on your contact will see that, so choose detail wisely.
  • Create a password of 8 to 10 letters of your choice
  • Insert your email address now
  • Verify your registration.

Swiping down will show the settings page, here you can edit your phone number or email, password, upload a profile picture and set other things like privacy, GPS or filters.

And by swiping right you will see the “Stories” this is the social network part of Snapchat, stories are photos or videos (Max 10 seconds long) that anyone can post to the public for 24 hours, after this, all will be erased forever.

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Login Snapchat (simple steps)

sign in snapchat

Always login into snapchat via your app or official site:

  1. First, open Snapchat app for iOS or Android, or go to
  2. Tap ‘Sign in‘ to Login.
  3. Enter your username or email
  4. Enter your password.

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