How to Create a YouTube Channel?. YouTube is a platform that has offered many the opportunity to share their talent with the world. The perfect way to have the world listen to your ideas and feelings, and contribute something good to someone else.

create a youtube channel

Nowadays, it is probably the most complete bank of information that exists, and one of the best in videos. This is perfect for your next entrepreneurship or to enjoy the creative contents you can find here.

That is why today you will learn how to create a YouTube channel, so you can start sharing too.

Go to the YouTube platform

First, access the official YouTube homepage here, and click on the “Sign in” button on the top-right of the screen. That will take you to the next page and to start the process of the creation of the YouTube channel.

Sign in to your Google account to create a YouTube channel

You will have to log into your gmail account, remember that google services can be linked to YouTube:

Once this is done, you will be redirected to the YouTube homepage, and you can go to the next step.

Create a YouTube Account

Back on the YouTube homepage, you will know that you are logged in because you won’t see the “sign in” button. Instead, you will see a little ball with your profile picture, nothing will be show if you don’t have one yet.

You will have to click on that ball and you will see a very important option that reads “Create Channel” click on it.

Once you click on it, you will see a little square popping in your screen like this:

Click on the “get started” option and continue with the process, you will redirect to another page.

Choose your channel’s name

After you get started you will be asked if you want to use your default name (the one in the google account) or a custom name. If you want a custom name, you will have to write a different name, and will see this:

Then, you should write the name you want and click on create, remember that your channel’s name must be unique.


After this step, you will see YouTube’s homepage once again and your channel is already set up. Now you can subscribe, like videos, and use all the tools offered by YouTube Studio.

Why you should have a YouTube channel?

Having a YouTube channel will unlock all the features that this platform has to offer you. Allow you to upload videos and support your favorite content creators on the platform, join the community.

YouTube is one of the most incredible tools of this era, and it doesn’t stop being a phenomenon. Not to mention universities and companies are starting to use it for different purposes.

You can see here from professionals to your own family sharing important information with you through here.

Can I create 2 YouTube channels with one Gmail account?

Yes, you can create multiple YouTube channels using one Gmail account. To do this, sign in to your Gmail account and go to the YouTube website. Click on the three lines in the top left corner, then select “My Channel” or “Create a Channel.” From there, you can create a new channel or switch between existing channels associated with your Gmail account.