As we know, Gmail account can be linked to different devices at the same time. We can sign up to websites and pages with the same account, which saves us a lot of time. To sign in on your Gmail account, you can follow the steps here.

close all open sessions in gmail

Having the account open on many devices at the same time can be dangerous. Because we take the risk of our data being used.

But, closing all accounts on different devices at the same time is one of the features that Gmail offers us and that we can use to avoid any type of problem. In this post, we’ll tell you how you can close all sessions in Gmail at once.

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How to Close All Open Sessions in Gmail

As you know, if you are a Gmail user, you know that in order to use all the features that this platform offers, you have to log in, which leads us to log in on multiple devices, in different different places.

Notice, you can only do this with a computer. Therefore it’s necessary that when doing this, you’re entering from your google account in your web browser.

To close all sessions at once, follow the steps below:

Closing All Open Sessions in Gmail

And that’s all you need to do in order to close all the Gmail session.